18+. Daily Free Bingo games run every day from 00:00 to 23:54 (UK Time) in Daily Free Bingo Room. Daily prize pool £6,000. Guaranteed prizes (min. prize £0.01) available from 18:30 to 19:30 (UK Time). Max 6 tickets per player/per game. T&Cs apply.
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50 Ball Bingo

Perfect for roomies in a rush, 50 Ball Bingo is a fast, fun, exciting game that both experienced roomies and new dabbers delight in. There are no blank spaces on the grid, which comprises two rows and five columns, with random numbers spread across a strip of five tickets in groups of ten. Games don’t last a long time, which makes for quick-fire sessions.

What is different about 50 Ball Bingo?

50 Ball Bingo is faster than your average online bingo game, so perfect if you fancy a quick dab or two when you’re out and about. While the play is exciting and fast-paced, the game retains an aura of classic 90 Ball Bingo but with a smaller layout.

How to play 50 Ball Bingo?

Get ready for the all-action grid! There are five columns and two rows; every number has a space; no blanks are allowed in this one. Each ticket has ten numbers, and you have two ways to win: dab a full house or mark one full line off your ticket. This game flies by, so keep a close eye on the calls.

50 Ball Bingo ticket layout

Take time to get to grips with the layout first, or you might lose track of the numbers. You’ll be looking at five columns. Each has numbers ranging from 1-50 divided into groups of ten (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 and 41-50). You can also purchase strip tickets - five give you every number on the board to dab off!

How do you win at 50 Ball Bingo?

There are two ways of winning in 50 Ball Bingo; you can use both in the same game! Filling in one complete line on your card gets you one win. The other win comes with a full house, which requires dabbing off every one of your 10 numbers.

50 Ball Bingo Payouts

Prizes vary. It depends on the game and which room you are playing in.

50 Ball Bingo Rooms like no other

50 Ball Bingo is quite rare on this side of the pond, but lucky for you, we’re always ahead of the game at Gala Bingo. In fact, we have one of the biggest 50 Ball Bingo offerings in the United Kingdom. Pop on your headphones and bop it out in our Bingo Beats Chakra Room. Or get your heart pumping in our Bingo Beats Love Room. Grab your sunglasses and jet off to our dreamy Coconut Island Room if you fancy some tropical bingo fun.

How to play 50 Ball Bingo

It’s dead easy. Just log into your account and pick the 50 ball room that best fits your vibe! There’s not much downtime between games in this format, but you can explore our side mini-games while you're waiting.